Discover The WERK1 Coworking in munich

Working from home sucks and you need a place where you can work not only creatively but also focused? Then take a look at our coworking offers at WERK1 in Munich.


In addition to 24/7 access, there is no minimum duration and only a 2 weeks’ notice period. 

For all of you with cabin fever at home: We got you! 

We have the solution for you: coworking at WERK1. Our 2 top-equipped coworking spaces in Munich offer a perfect working atmosphere in a kind of office community. No matter if you are a freelancer, an employee or a start-up, we have no admission criteria in coworking. WERK1 is a central part of the Munich startup scene. Here you work in a great startup community, centrally located in the Werksviertel-Mitte at Munich East Station. 


You can get to know WERK1 Coworking without any obligation during a coworking tour: Our community team Laura & Ellena will guide you through the building every Wednesday at 9 am. Please send us an email to if you want to take part in the tour. The meeting point is in our WERK1 Café in the ‘Schlosserpassage’ at WERK1.4.


Day Pass 24€ per Day

Basic 79€ per month

Basic Plus 129€ per Month

Full 229€ per Month

Access 1 Day / Month 4 Days / Month 8 Days / Month Unlimited access
Flexible Desk
24/7 access Mo–Fr, 08:30–18:00h
Access to our network contacts and community channel
Discounted prices in the café
Reduced prices for meeting rooms

All prices do not include taxes. 

Please note: Day passes and memberships can only be booked for a maximum of 3 people from one company. 



We know that there are many coworking spaces, but there is only one WERK1. As a freelancer, founder or creative person, you are part of our community in the ‘most startup-friendly place in Munich’!

We offer different packages, which you can of course change flexibly. You can also rent your workplace in Munich on a daily basis. We provide 2 well-equipped coworking areas: In the “Communication Space” you can network with other coworkers, exchange ideas and have conversations. The “Silent Space” enables quiet and focused work. 

The built-in phone booths offer the perfect space for discretion and longer phone calls or meetings. 

Depending on your needs, you could not only use the coworking areas in the WERK1, but also benefit from the reduced prices in our WERK1 Café as well as from our mentoring program and BayStartUP coaching. In addition, as a coworker you have a huge network, a lot of exchange and our perks & benefits at your disposal. 

  • Hot desk principle – choose your working place day by day 
  • Of course, you can use our High speed internet 
  • Access to a shared kitchen and lounge areas 
  • Flexibility: You can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel within 2 weeks 
  • Community & networks 
  • About 200 sqm of coworking area 
  • Perks & Benefits 
Step by step



Book your membership 

You can send a request here and you will receive a response within 24 hours.


Come over! 

Start your membership by joining the Coworking Tour! Meeting point is every Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the WERK1 Café. 

How to find WERK1:



After the tour you will receive a short onboarding from our Senior Community Manager Laura.


Here we go! 

You are good to go. 🥳 Have fun! 

Come along to the Coworking Tour – every Wednesday morning I will guide you through WERK1. We meet at 9 am at WERK1.4!


Our Coworking Startups



Jan Rodenwald Founder | Agorai

The co-working is great! It offers just the right mix of focus and exchange. I hardly ever do home office anymore. …and Stefano’s coffee is simply the best! ☕️😊

Bild Niklas Linss

Niklas Linss Co-Founder | CLAY

The community at WERK1 is absolutely great. You always meet interesting and helpful people and especially in the coworking area there is a very open atmosphere. The café is perfect for getting into conversation with others and the table tennis tournament with the community was an absolute highlight for me.

Bild Shohel Rahman

Shohel Rahman Freelancer Web & Graphic Design

The good thing about coworking is that you quickly lose the feeling of being a lone fighter and expand your circle of friends over time.

Bild Jörg Hermann

Jörg Hermann Data Protection Officer

WERK1 is much more than just a cheap place to work. Here I’m not just offered a desk, but an entire network.

COWORKING – What is that?

Coworking is a global trend. It is called a new form of work and stands for innovation and community. In addition, it takes place at the pulse of time. 



In the end, coworking means nothing more than “working together”. People from different fields as well as with different backgrounds meet in a collaborative environment to work together. They are all connected by community, networking and the desire to contribute to something big. This spirit is incomparable. Coworking offers so many opportunities, not only in terms of networking. 

  • Meeting new people 
  • Learning from each other 
  • Creating something great  
  • Thinking big 
  • Discovering new workspaces 

It is true that working from home has replaced the usual working in the employer’s office, especially in recent times. However, a creative environment and the spirit of a community are essential in everyday work.  

The place to be

Munich: City of innovations

Of course, coworking is becoming increasingly popular. But why should you work in a coworking space in Munich? The city at the river “Isar“ is well known by companies and employees. We all associate Munich with the Oktoberfest, FC Bayern Munich and the proximity to the Alps, Austria and Italy. 

But Munich not only has a lot to offer in terms of leisure and tradition. The Munich metropolitan region is considered one of the leading European economic areas. The direct vicinity of the six DAX companies headquartered in Munich also plays a role here. With a variety of industries and a great deal of dynamism, Munich boasts a high level of economic performance. Not only the Munich graduate rate of 37.1% in occupations subject to social insurance contributions exceeds the Bavarian (18.2%) and German-wide value (17.4%) in 2020. The employment trend also continues to show a positive upward trend. In addition, Munich is establishing itself as Germany’s second startup hotspot.

Coworking Spaces also contribute as a hub of creativity in these circles. In Munich in particular, they stand for innovation and inspiration. 


Not convinced yet? We have five reasons for you why coworking is definitely worth it!



Adjust your membership specifically to your needs. You decide whether you want to use the service every day or just once or twice a week. Plus, there are no long hidden cancellation periods.



This is especially important at WERK1. But you can still generally say that networking comes first in coworking. Getting to know new people, working together and being creative together. It all offers so many opportunities and possibilities for the future. 



After a busy day, you can’t miss an after-work beer, of course. This way, you get to know a wide variety of people from different fields of work and can also make new friends at the same time.



“We’re all in the same boat.” This feeling is conveyed in coworking. Although everyone is working on their own projects, it’s the collective idea that counts. The motivation of others is contagious and spills over onto you.


SUPPORT Unterstützen

Forgot your charger? Need help with your design? Your Wifi isn’t working? In coworking, people help each other out. Skills are exchanged in a give-and-take culture.


History of Coworking

Actually, the concept existed long before the term became established. The first beginnings of the now universally known coworking came with the spread of the Internet. The first coworking space, “c-base Hackerspace,” was established in Berlin in the fall of 1995. At that time, it was not yet called a coworking space. Nevertheless, the focus was still on community and exchange.  

In 1999, this innovation also spilled over to the US. “42 West 42” opened in New York. Here, software companies could rent flexible desks that could be booked by both freelancers and startups. The “hot desk” model was born. Little by little, more and more coworking spaces opened in different cities. In addition, the first centers for founders and entrepreneurs were established. 

Finally, the first official coworking space opened in August 2005 in the “Spiral Muse” in San Francisco. Brad Neuberg, who opened this space, pursued a specific goal. The structure and community of a company should be combined with the freedom and autonomy of a freelancer. 

In the following years, the first official coworking space in Germany was also established in Berlin. In 2009, the “betahaus” was founded with 400 square meters. This was followed by further openings in Hamburg, Cologne and even Lisbon. 

Nevertheless, another foundation in New York in 2010 influences coworking until today. WeWork was founded in 2010 and quickly became a big player. Then, in 2016, they opened their first coworking space in Germany.

By 2018, there were over 500 coworking spaces in Germany. Worldwide, there are an estimated 18,700 spaces – and the number is growing. In 2020, the number of coworking spaces was estimated at 26,300.

Become a coworker at WERK1 now!



In the most startup-friendly place you will not only find 2 different coworking spaces, but also proximity to the startup ecosystem and the WERK1 Café. 

WeWork Munich

This U.S. company has spaces in Maxvorstadt and Altstadt-Lehel. It offers options of private offices, dedicated desks or hot desk membership. 


Wayra’s hubs have a global presence. Wayra is an accelerator of Telefónica. 

Base Muc

Again, you have different membership options, with option to work with a team.  

FAQ Coworking

How do I manage and pay my membership?

In the member portal you can manage your membership and also set up your payment options.

How are the coworking spaces equipped?

The coworking spaces are equipped with printers, monitors, kitchen/microwave, refrigerator and telephone boxes. You also have the option of working while standing. 

Can I book additional meeting rooms?

If you are a coworker, you can book a room at internal prices in the member portal. With a Basic Plus or Full rate you get another 50% discount on all room bookings. For external bookings you can find the room portfolio here.

Can I use WERK1 as my business address?

As a coworker, you cannot use WERK1 as your business address.

Is it possible to use your coworking offer as a small team?

In coworking, you can also work as a team (2-3 people). However, if there are more than 3 people in your team, you are welcome to apply for an office.