Ed Mehran

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My name is Ed Mehran.

I am a Full Stack Web Developer.
I work alongside entrepreneurs and companies to design, develop and implement digital tools, web and mobile applications to make their business and that of their customers more effective and efficient.

As a full stack developer I help entrepreneurs and companies conceive, design and build custom software that is easy to use, intuitive and simple to understand. I guide my clients to design solutions for and with people, to create value for all stakeholders, inside and outside the company.

What can I help you with

Designing and developing digital tools to work better inside your company or to help your customers have the best possible experience, for example with your e-commerce or app:

  • Validating an idea through a prototype saves time and money. Before moving on to the actual implementation, it allows you to find errors and problems and understand which features to invest time in and which not to develop. In practice, thanks to the realization of a prototype I help you to understand if that product or service works.
  • Development of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), that is creating a first version of the product, remaining in the testing phase, useful to understand its potential and how it can be useful to people. The MVP is a very useful tool to understand the usability of a product as quickly and easily as possible, while remaining in the testing phase. After launching it on the market, I can help you develop the features that bring the most value to you and the end users.
  • Developing custom software based on your real needs and those of your customers, from websites to web apps to mobile web applications.

In addition to my more technical skills, I can share my entrepreneurial experience and help new entrepreneurs and startuppers make good decisions to launch their business idea.
Also, I can help companies and their development teams work efficiently, quickly and effectively with Lean and Agile methodologies.

Who do I work with

I work with and for small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative startups who care about their work and their projects. They love what they do and want to do it at their best. They would like to improve what is not working, both inside and outside their reality. Making internal processes more effective and efficient and making the experience useful, simple and pleasant for their customers.

With me, they can find not just a service provider, but a development partner who works alongside them to understand what to do and how to achieve great results and grow their business.

I have already helped many entrepreneurs and startuppers from Switzerland and Germany with their MVP(Minimum Viable Product) and in some of them I’ve acted as CTO to help analyse, evaluate and select the most useful technologies for
the development of products and services.

I have a transversal education: I studied computer science and I added in my studies also an executive master in information architecture and User Experience design to work on the whole process.

Something about me

I live in Munich, Germany, and follow projects and clients between Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Thanks to the Internet I can work anywhere.

I am founder and CEO of Appybros, my company specialized in digital transformation, prototyping and custom software development.

I am a passionate and skilled Full Stack web developer, experienced with PHP (Laravel, Symfony) and JavaScript (Express.js, Node.js) frameworks. With current focus on stack: Laravel, Livewire, Tailwind CSS, Statamic, Alpine.js & Shopify App development.

hat I have learned and am learning, especially in the last 7 years as an entrepreneur, I want to make available to others.
I know what it’s like to fail, so I do my best
to help entrepreneurs, companies and professionals achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

How to contact me

If you would like to learn about my work and educational background, you can visit my LinkedIn profile

If you want to work with me or want to know if I’m the right person to get your project off the ground, or if you need to design and then implement a software, a web app, a mobile web application, you can send me an email.
Or book your call with me by choosing a day and time from the calendar.