the new Scaleup offices in WERK1.4

Your company is growing and you simply need more space? We got something for you! In the new WERK1.4 building, there will not only be additional startup offices and new coworking spaces, but also four larger scaleup offices available from early summer 2023. On up to 280 sqm, startup teams will have plenty of space to lead their flourishing companies to success.

scaleup Office in WERK1 – advantages at a glance

At WERK1 you will find the ideal conditions to develop your growing company in spacious offices.

  • Office space from 170 – 280sqm
  • Podcast & Streaming Studio
  • Own kitchen & sanitary area
  • Highspeed-Internet
  • Cleaning (2xweek)
  • A large and open startup community
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Regular events such as workshops, meetups and networking events
  • A Café, that serves the best coffee in town
  • Phone boxes, meeting rooms and common areas
  • 24/7 access
  • Diverse Perks & Benefits for Founders & Team

From early summer:

Currently, our new building, the WERK1.4 is still under construction. Of course, it is also located in the Werksviertel-Mitte at Munich’s Ostbahnhof, right next to WERK1.

It is expected that you will be able to use the full range of services of the new WERK1.4 from early summer 2023.


What is a scaleup, anyway?

Startup and Scaleup cannot be used synonymously, they much more describe two different phases of company growth.

A startup is a company in an early stage of development, mainly concerned with finding product-market fit. As well as experimenting with customer segmentation and aiming for a positive margin.

In contrast, a scaleup is aware of its product-market fit. This has been confirmed and demonstrated in the target market and is already running sustainably and profitably. Fast and effective growth is the main goal of a scaleup.

By the way, the term scale-up comes from English: “To scale up” means “to enlarge”, “to ascend”, “to climb up”.

Startup vs. Scaleup

Has your company reached these 10 milestones yet?

In a study, the British bank Barclays identified the ten significant milestones that a company reaches during its development from startup to scaleup.


It’s time for you to move to bigger offices or a bigger store.


You are experiencing a rapid increase in customers.


You have created a new updated website.


Your social media presence will be expanded & developed.


You invest not only in the product but also in the customer experience.


You begin to act internationally.


Your transaction volume has increased so much that you need to implement more reliable payment systems.


You’re already working with a financial professional to manage your business accounts.


You have a headhunter on board to help you find and retain qualified candidates.


You have renewed your CI, for example with a new logo.

Become a WERK1 Scaleup Now!

If all the points apply to your company, and you identify as a scaleup. Then it’s time to contact us to develop your growing business in spacious offices and with numerous benefits.