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Ariadne is a next-generation people flow analytics platform for physical retail stores, Shopping malls, Airports, and Smart cities that provides real-time people flow analytics throughout the entire shopper journey. Ariadne’s solution uses signals emitted from smartphones carried by shoppers, without requiring any opt-in, and determines their exact location and journey in real-time with up to 30cm accuracy.

Ariadne’s solution offers several benefits to physical store businesses, such as understanding shelf and display effectiveness, optimizing category adjacencies and layout to increase conversion rates, real-time A/B testing of signage and point of sale material, enhancing the shopping experience with the right amount of employees at the right time and location, targeted staff scheduling, navigation offered to shoppers, and targeted push notifications about discounts, promotions and navigation in-store.

Moreover, Ariadne’s solution provides additional solutions such as ERP integration, conversion tracking, workforce management, catchment area, asset tracking, loyalty rate, and more. The platform provides accurate and certified GDPR privacy and can transform itself into a powerful omnichannel marketing and navigation tool when shoppers opt-in.