InsurTech Hub – Building a Safer future together

Benefit from WERK1’s incubator experience and gain unprecedented access to the INSURTECH HUB Association, which includes many of the leading and regional insurance companies.

The insurance industry is undergoing radical change: new digital players, the InsurTechs, question traditional business models and rethink value chains. With their customer-centric, data-driven products, they are scratching the market positions of established insurers and reinsurers.

In these times of change, with the InsurTech Hub in Munich we offer an entrepreneurial platform that brings InsurTechs together with leading companies, top universities, research centres, investors and political actors.

Together, we shape the future of the insurance industry with the aim of learning from each other and exploiting synergies. In cooperation with WERK1, W1>> InsurTech is our accelerator program for early-stage InsurTechs. The tailor-made programme includes workshops and mentoring to help you validate your business idea and develop market-ready products during an eight-week intensive collaboration with our insurance partners.


The keyword “Accelerator” is usually associated with an idea about financial support and revision of business models. The W1 Forward Accelerator Programme, initiated by the InsurTech Hub Munich at WERK1, shows that a programm to promote innovative start-ups can work in a different way. In the eight-week, early-stage programm, the creators focus primarily on well-founded, Read more

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Lisa Worgall
Project Coordination and InsurTech Hub Office