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Lunch&Learn: Make bookkeeping in teams sexy- presented by lexrocket

Most people dislike bookkeeping and doing taxes fervently, and since everybody has to keep track of their accounting, they tend to delay it until the last minute – or until it is too late. Then, however, things can get complicated quickly and, until the situation is resolved, resting easily is an almost unattainable objective. Bookkeeping can be especially challenging in teams. Together, we – that is Maike and Frank – want to show you an easy way for your team to do bookkeeping using a browser-based app. Get rid of unnecessary paper trails and get yourself and your team organized – and you might even end up having fun with smart collaborative bookkeeping.

Maike and Frank have been living entrepreneurship for more than 20 years with a passion for helping and supporting solopreneurs and small business owners in their own unique way. Frank works as a tax consultant and coach. He has helped more than 600 people make the right decisions for themselves in a field almost completely unknown to them. He loves finding simple solutions to seemingly unsolvable and complex problems. Maike works as a trainer and coach, and through this, she has been able to help more than 1,000 people in finding their way from struggle to flow. Maike is a solopreneur herself. She has been doing her own paperwork using a digital tool for the past three years, and she helps others in discovering this easy tool for themselves.


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