Carsten Unger-Maar

  • Freelancer

As a Technical Product Owner (TPO) and experienced React developer, I bring a comprehensive range of skills to the IT industry. My expertise allows me to act as both a competent TPO and a technically skilled developer in React and TypeScript, depending on the project requirements.

In the role of TPO, I use my in-depth understanding of software development to manage projects in a targeted manner and make effective strategic decisions. As a React developer, I put my extensive knowledge into practice to develop innovative solutions and overcome technical challenges in a team context.

This flexibility allows me to fit effectively into different project roles – be it in management and strategic planning or in direct technical execution. In each position, I contribute significantly to the success of the project.

Although I mainly work remotely, I value the personal contact and am always open to occasional on-site meetings. I recognize the added value of such meetings, especially when they are more effective depending on the situation.

My excellent network of experts in various IT fields enables me to put together a competent team for larger projects. Together, we are ready to take on complex challenges and implement them successfully.