As already promised, we were inspired by the kickoff of the #BayFiD-campaign: Now we have started our first own initiative and invited 30 participants* to develop concrete measures for “Female Entrepreneurship” in WERK1.

The topic of “Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship” is a frequent one – not just since yesterday. Let’s face it: There is a problem and WERK1 wants to do something about it! According to the German Startup Monitor 2018, only 15.1% of entrepreneurs are female – even WERK1 is no exception! Why is it like this and how can WERK1 – as the most startup-friendly place in Munich – take countermeasures? A clear objective: Not just another programme to promote women in digital professions, but a conclusive concept for relevant measures to promote and support women in setting up WERK1 and beyond. 30 participants faced this task at our kick-off workshop on “Female Entrepreneurship”.

The idea and concept came directly from the WERK1-Team, in this case represented by Marlene Eder, Vanessa Provenzano and Maike Wursthorn. Together, they have made it their goal to use their skills from various disciplines and in the new year to push forward topics in the area of “Female Entrepreneurship” in WERK1.


Together with the participants selected on the basis of qualifications and suitable experience, the first step was to develop concrete ideas and concepts that really help women as founders in reality. Input was collected and current studies were used to determine where the actual problems and barriers to entry could lie. This was “matched” with the participants’ own experiences in order to ascertain as detailed a “status quo” as possible.

After the introductory words of the WERK1-Team and a round of introductions, negotiation expert Claudia Kimich opened the thematic part of the workshop and gave a short impulse lecture on how appearance and self-confidence influence the perception of women in the business environment. Afterwards it was time for brainstorming: In changing groups, ideas were collected on how best to master the “typical” challenges in “female entrepreneurship”. What are the problems? What really helps?

The topic boards ranged from improvements in financing options to ideas for better reconciling family and career and breaking with established social roles. At the end of the workshop, the various boards were presented, discussed again by the entire group and completed.

Now it is the turn of the WERK1-Team again to develop concrete measures in the new year with the overwhelming input and the many ideas – we will keep you up to date!