New faces and new (old) formats – Games/Bavaria starts into a diversified year final

Lena Fischer has replaced Robin Kocaurek and as if that weren’t enough change, Robin number 2 will face new challenges from 2020. But for this, the tried and tested comes back: After a year’s break, the X-Mas pitching will take place again this year as a warm-up to the Games/Bavaria Christmas party!


Meanwhile no new face anymore, but nevertheless it should be mentioned again that Lena Fischer has been passing the time since September from and for Games/Bavaria. After three great years at FFF-Bayern she succeeded Robin Kocaurek and is currently still working alongside project manager Robin Hartmann. Still? Yes, exactly. At the end of the year, Robin Number 2 will also leave WERK1 and thus the Games/Bavaria project to devote himself to new private and professional tasks.

Of course Lena has long forgiven him for this decision and together they are currently working on an exciting year-end spurt for Games/Bavaria, with the concluding Christmas party on 13 December here at WERK1. And as she told us in the interview, she is already looking forward to next year’s Gamescom and many other formats that are fixed in the Games/Bavaria event calendar. But of course she also wants to set her own course and already has plans for new projects and initiatives to advance the games industry in Bavaria. Which ones? Unfortunately, she didn’t want to tell us that yet, but it’s certainly worth taking a regular look at the Games/Bavaria newsletter in the new year.

But one thing is of course crucial: in order to get everything going according to plan and also to have time for new projects, Lena needs reinforcement at her side! The position for our project manager Games is still open and we would like to ensure a smooth transition in the new year. So if you know someone who knows someone who has experience and contacts in the games industry, likes to organize events and also has the necessary feeling for the political level, you can still recommend the position to others. And even if you have a little less experience and would actually like to get started in the German games industry, you can apply to us as a working student – details can be found on our website.

Project Lead Games



After a year’s break, the Games/Bavaria X-Mas Pitching will take place again – this time in a new format: In the afternoon, before the Christmas party, you can present your project. Without any audience, but with a little more time for your pitch and for the feedback of selected jurors.

You’re working on a game you’re looking for professional feedback on? Would you just like to have more experience pitching your game? We give selected teams the opportunity to present their ideas to an expert jury: You can put your idea to the test, get professional feedback on the project and presentation, and gain important experience in a safe environment. Each pitch should function as a practice session and not necessarily as a real sales pitch.

mail to:

  • When: 13 December 2019, afternoon
  • Where: WERK1, Munich
  • Who: Indie developers and young teams with games project
  • What: Without a spectator, each team pitches in front of the jury and receives immediately afterwards

The closing date for applications is 29.11.2019.

We are looking forward to an exciting end of the year for and with Games/Bavaria and are already very excited about what Lena will come up with for 2020, hopefully with a new colleague.