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WERK1 just celebrated its 5th birthday and in the past years we had many startups with a digital background in our company. Thanks to Games/Bavaria and many ambitious founders, projects from the video games industry have been part of the original DNA of WERK1 right from the beginning and in addition to the umbrella brand for the industry here in Bavaria, we are also very proud to still have two outstanding studios under our roof. One of them is the Indie Studio Salmi Games with its founder Yacine Salmi.

After several years as an employee of the big names in the industry, the native Englishman founded his own studio – initially quite classic from his own living room. But with family and the first employees the space quickly became scarce and the WERK1 became the ideal refuge due to its location, colleagues from the industry and the necessary infrastructure in the form of cheap facilities and fast Internet. As with all startups, money is a rare resource in the early stages, especially when it comes to video games. Since its beginnings, the studio has published two of its own titles and attracted particular attention in the field of VR (Virtual Reality). The second title of the studio “Late for work” was released as a pure VR multiplayer pleasure and immediately impressed fans and experts. With the highlight that Salmi Games was awarded the special prize for the best VR game at the German developer awards at the end of 2017. With this income, a small funding budget from FFF Bavaria and the income from project and consulting work, the title is still being developed further.


Both as an entrepreneur and employer Yacine Salmi wants to break new ground with his studio. In an industry that suffers like no other from poor pay, tight deadlines and unreasonable working hours, he stands for a different style with his studio: fair treatment of his employees is extremely important to him and as a family man he knows how important sufficient free time and fair payment are to get to work every day motivated and full of creative energy – success proves him right.


Ellipsis puts you into an abstract universe that you can explore at your own pace. Fly through the levels, avoid your opponents and escape before they can react. Or explore without haste, master every world and reveal all secrets. Regardless of your play style, Ellipsis will challenge you from the first to the last level! The simple basic mechanics of the game are accompanied by an undreamt-of depth of hand-made, unique levels that are constantly evolving to make the game experience exciting from start to finish.


In Late For Work, a player is a giant gorilla doing gorilla stuff. Up to 4 other players try to defeat the gorilla in an epic local multiplayer VR party. Work together to defeat the monster of immeasurable power. Or just to save your life. It’s an intense party game for the living room at home. The game brings VR and non-VR players together for a common experience.


In the area of VR, Salmi Games seems to do a lot right. At the official German developer award, the small studio surprisingly won the special prize “Best VR Game” with “Late for Work”. So surprising that the founder himself wasn’t even on site – his team was of course happy to take on this task and the cheque now decorates the small cosy office.

We at WERK1 are looking forward to further success stories of Salmi-Games. We know them as visionary and creative minds who will certainly bring much joy to video gamers in the future.

Startup: Salmi Games
Website: http://salmi.de/
Contact: contact@salmi.de


When experience, entrepreneurial spirit, the right idea and the necessary know-how from the fields of IT, logistics and transport come together, the framework for a successful digital start-up project is in place – as in the case of Smartlane. Together with a little jump-start from WERK1, it becomes a common success story.

Since mid 2015, the founding team has been developing a solution for automated, digital delivery management. The underlying technology is based on the combined knowledge of more than 20 years of research at the interface between IT and transport at the Technical University of Munich. Smartlane uses Big Data technologies to integrate highly dynamic internal and external data. Routes can thus be optimized in real time – with regard to the resource utilization of the fleet, fuel costs, traffic volume and much more – and drivers can be controlled in a targeted manner. The team’s goal is to establish the standard for modern delivery and service logistics with the most intelligent and user-friendly software. The result is simple and impresses the customers at the same time: Reliably high service quality, sales increase, cost reduction and relieving the employees.

Smartlane’s vision: The complete automation of the logistics industry.
Florian Schimandl, co-founder and managing director of Smartlane:

With its SaaS solution, Smartlane combines maximum automation, outstanding intelligence and state-of-the-art usability in a single product. With our cloud-based software, we offer medium-sized companies in the field of supply logistics the easiest entry into digitalisation. It is possible for our customers to understand the trend of on-demand logistics not as an insurmountable challenge, but as a major and above all sustainable opportunity and to use it profitably.


With moving into WERK1 in January 2016, Smartlane also had access to financing coaching – carried out by BayStartUP. Successfully: At the end of 2016, the startup was able to present a successful first financing round by a family office. After the transformation of the UG into a GmbH, the team also expanded – the first employees in the areas of marketing/PR and design/branding were hired and a larger office space at WERK1 was taken up. In addition to the team, the software has also grown and in the middle of 2017 the first version of Smartlane was launched. Even that with success. In the meantime, Smartlane is represented throughout Germany, partner of DER KURIER (the express division of GLS) and also involved in the Deutsche Bahn for the optimization of freight wheel tours. In order to further expand sales and development – and thus grow – a second round of financing is now in the pipeline, which will again be accompanied by BayStartUP.


At WERK1, Smartlane is a great example of how we want to support ambitious founders in realizing their vision: Attractive and affordable offices of any size and the ability to offer more room for growing businesses in the short term, access to our community and effective coaching to overcome difficulties in the early stages of start-up. But let’s ask the founders of Smartlane themselves:

Why do you have your offices at WERK1 and would you recommend this step to other startups in the digital sector?

Florian Schimandl – CEO Smartland

Florian from Smartlane: Definitely. We can consistently recommend WERK1 and the associated infrastructure. Be it the regularly taking place tasty Werksfrühstück, the offer of workshops and events, the atmosphere in general,… the WERK1 offers in our opinion a great platform for startups to exchange information. Even though the topics of the individual startups in WERK1 are broadly diversified, we still have to realize that the problems are mostly the same and an exchange between them is therefore very valuable. In addition to the exchange of ideas, WERK1 also offers the opportunity to grow – a very important aspect for startups. Therefore we can only agree with the statement “the WERK1 is probably the most startup-friendly place in Munich”.

Startup: Smartlane
Website: https://www.smartlane.de/
Contact: https://www.smartlane.de/kontakt/


Many startups start with a personal problem of the founders. For this reason, Erol and Ebru Kaynak from myChipsBox have also started their mission to change the world of crisps in a sustainable way: Disappointed by the offer in their local supermarket, the couple took the initiative and developed their own range of high-quality crisps – only the best organic ingredients and a lot of creativity in the recipes. Unwanted ingredients such as glutamate or yeast extract can’t be found in these crisps. Just pure taste of the meticulously selected ingredients. Depending on the variety, you will find not only the classic crips but also vegetable or fruit chips in the box, which provides a special kick of taste.

The box itself is also part of the new generation of crips: every good product requires modern marketing and a sales idea. Instead of the usual bag, the crisps are protected from outside pressure in the practical box and during a cinema evening with friends, they are practically noiseless nibbling fun. The result is a modern “Bio-Chips-Duette”, matching the current spirit, stunningly crispy, exciting and delicious.

But it was a long way: 88 failures had to be coped with for 12 tasty variations. But failure is also part of success. The two founders know this from many years of experience. Both are proven experts on their fields and together a perfect team: Ebru, as food technician and ecotrophologist, ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained, while Erol, as a business graduate and former investment banker, controls sales and finances.


During a TV presence in the program “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German version of the US-Show Shark Tank), the young startup company was able to present itself and its crisps to an audience of millions and thus quickly raise its brand awareness nationwide. They managed to inspire three of the five lions for their product: The decision was made for the retail expert Ralf Dümmel, who provided financial and professional support after the show.


In the premises of the old “Werksviertel” in the middle of Munich, the team works directly next to the old potato track and continues the tradition in its own way.

And at WERK1, the young company is still on the road to success. Together with the two founders, 10 people create unique moments of joy every day. Together they bring the founders’ vision of creating more variety on the crisp shelf to live. And this mission is not yet complete. From the creation of further varieties to the production of own ingredients, the startup still has great goals.

Startup: myChipsBox
Website: https://mychipsbox.de/
Contact: https://mychipsbox.de/kontakt/