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Chatchamp is the guided selling solution for e-commerce companies with digital shopping assistants (chatbots). The digital assistants provide customers with professional & fully automated consultation and reduce the burden of going through multiple pages of products. This increases both the conversion rate of the website and the customer satisfaction.
Additionally the chatbots can generate email-leads and hand-out voucher codes.

Chatchamp offers digital shopping assistants with chatbots that can provide customers with professional & fully automated consultation on e-commerce websites. The digital shopping assistant is available 24/7 and increases with guided selling both the conversion rate of the website and the satisfaction of the customers.

Scalable digital shop assistant for e-commerce. Improve customer satisfaction and increase conversions.

With Chatchamp’s digital product consultants – chatbots – you can provide customers with professional & fully automated consultation on your website. At any time and without additional effort.
Your digital product consultant is available 24/7 and enables you to offer your website visitors a breathtaking customer experience, including personalized and competent product recommendations.

Easy integration into your website đź’»
Chatchamp’s solution is installed on your website within 5 minutes. Together with our team, you can easily implement your products – no further IT support is needed. You are ready to start your pilot project in no time!

Real consultation just like in your retail stores 🛍
Using Chatchamp’s product consultant, there is no time-consuming training of your chatbot necessary. Thanks to the intelligent dialog system, you can create your chatbot within a few minutes. With the help of Chatchamp’s AI, required domain knowledge of the chatbot can be implemented in a few days.

100% more transactions đź’°
Numbers don’t lie. Customers using Chatchamps digital product consultants see up to 100% more transactions. In addition, the e-commerce conversion rate of chatbot users is twice as high as for users who do not interact with the chatbot.

Conversational Commerce Experts 🤖
With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing & e-commerce, Chatchamp supports its customers during the Chatbot integration and throughout the whole project. Regular optimizations guarantee fast and sustainable results.